Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Spaniards Did It!

Last week here at the Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center, I had a returned Mormon Missionary (RM) and his younger brother visit with me for about 2 1/2 hours. We discussed many different topics about Mormonism. Most of the statements offered by the RM in defense of the numerous problems of Mormon doctrine and history were the standard canned Mormon answers. These answers are not backed up with facts, but are repleat with rationalizations of the contradictions of Mormon leaders and the rewriting, altering, deleting and falsification of Mormon history.

I was born a 6th generation Mormon on dad's side and a 4th generation Mormon on mom's. Raised in an active Mormon home and then being challenged that Mormonism wasn't true, I spent four years studying to prove the challenge wrong, only to find the challenge against Mormonism was true. I was saved back in 1986 and have spent thousands of hours studying Mormonism; but, I must admit, I don't know it all and I learn new things about Mormonism all the time.

This RM brought me something all new; I'd never heard this new excuse for the damning evidence against the Book of Mormon. We have here in the Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center a nice visual display comparing coins of the Bible with coins of the Book of Mormon. The display is a framed exhibit that has two sides. On the left side are replicas of Biblical coins - we can't afford the real thing, but the replicas are accurate. On the right side are vacant coin slots with the names of the Book of Mormon coinage system, laid out in Chapter 11 of the Book of Alma in the Book of Mormon, under the empty slots. The exhibit is an accurate representation of the coins of archaeology. We find coins throughout the ancient Mediterranean, European, North African and Asian Empire archaeological digs; however, not one coin has ever been found from the Book of Mormon times in the Americas. Metalurgy was not a known science in the Americas prior to the arrival of the Spaniards in 1492 A.D.

When this display was brought to the attention of this RM he replied, "There is a good explanation why no coins have ever been found." I responded, "I'd be very interested to hear it!" This young man then, in complete sincerity, replied, "The Spaniards went to all the ancient cities of the America's and dug up all the coins and melted them down to get the gold. That's why no coins have ever been found, or ever will be found. " I couldn't believe this response from a young man who claimed to have a college degree (from BYU); but could provide such an outrageous defense that was clearly devoid of cognitive reason. I replied "And you believe Santa Claus still puts the presents under your Christmas Tree, right?"

So, there you have it. The reason why no Book of Mormon coins will ever be found is because the Spaniards dug up all the coins from the ancient cities of the America's and melted them down to get the gold. Is there any evidence that this excavation activity by the Spaniards really took place - absolutely not, zip, zilch, squat, nada, nothing - no evidence whatsoever; but then, when it comes to Mormonism, what does evidence have to do with it?!!


  1. Ah, the creativity of youth. Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. Sound's like the US should have had the Spaniards looking for the WMD's in Iraq!

    Great job Rocky, keep up the good work!


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