Friday, March 16, 2007

Teenage Christian Safety Test

When dealing with your teens, or your family in general, it is important to maintain Christian safety. A quick test for your teens would be to ask them a couple of questions: 1) Do you have any Mormon friends at school? 2) Do you think they are Christians like us? Whatever the answer to the first question - If you get a yes answer to the second question, your kids are in danger. No matter how good the Mormon Public Relations Department is (and it is first rate, of that there is no doubt), Mormonism is not Christian; it is a false teaching and you need to take action.

Education is the vaccine against false teachings. Our website is a good place to start taking the vitamins and minerals needed to fight off the attacks of false teachings. Our newsletter is an antioxidant. Sign up for our newsletter and read it; then talk to your kids about it. Go to our website and sign up: Punch 3 holes in it, put it in a 3 ring binder and keep it by the front door. When the Mormon Missionaries ring your door bell, you can't go get on the internet to look up quotes about the "Virgin Birth" or "God was once a man"; however, if you have our newsletters in a binder, there at your fingertips is ready made information that shows them that you are an informed Christian with a healthy immune system and therefore not susceptible to their strain of false teaching.


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Rocky and Helen Hulse
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