Monday, April 30, 2007

Quoting the Chicago Tribune article: April 15, 2007

Quoting the Chicago Tribune article: April 15, 2007

"It ought to be called a non-Christian center or anti-Mormon center," said Bishop David Wright, a top Mormon Church leader in Nauvoo. "I don't see anything Christian about it."

Of course we are Christian! The word “Christian” is right in the name of the Center: The Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center!

Isn't that what is heard daily from Mormons: Of course we're "Christian," the name of Jesus is in the name of our church 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?'

I guess what's good for the goose, doesn't apply to the gander!! Hmmmmm?

Perhaps Bishop Wright thinks because we don't believe that Jesus and Satan are literal brothers as the Mormons do, we don't meet the Mormon defintion of Christian?


  1. I found this article pretty interesting:

    Fuller Theological Seminary president Richard J. Mouw talks about Christians and Mormons

    PBS also has some new pages up about Mormons:

  2. I see y'all found the blogosphere. :) I'm glad I saw the link on your website.
    We're still praying for you and I have added you to my blogroll.

    Mark fm Texas

  3. Chino,

    With a due respect for David French and his service for our country, when he writes this:

    >>As for me, I'm proud to stand with Mormons as we confront the cultural rot that is destroying our country from within, and I'm proud to serve with Mormons as fellow soldiers facing a hideous evil overseas. I appreciate them more than they could know. I'm grateful for their presence in my life and in the life of this nation. So, I leave the question of "cult, denomination, or religion" to the Judge of all things. I'm content with a fourth category -- one not on that list -- the category of "friends." <<

    I have to speak up. Friends don't send missionaries out to try to convince Christians to leave Christianity for a heretical belief. The history of mormonism in America, if you go back more than a few years, is one of near open rebellion, of borderline sedition, of introducing polygamy into the American landscape in a major way. Mr. French is putting political pragmatism above the Gospel. My reasons for not voting for Romney have little to do with his faith, and a lot more to do with his waffling on positions, but let's not forget the tens of thousands of missionary "friends" knocking on Christian doors today and every day.


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