Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Shame on you, Mr. Mayor

To the Editor:

It is unfortunate that the mayor has misinterpreted the intent of my question regarding the "wonders" of Illionis. The Historic Nauvoo tourism factor is an inportant one among other very important landmarks in our area. Only an open-minded person could see the benefits of high-lighting diverse tourist attractions and landmarks, which could have brought in more votes for our Nauvoo.
Yes, this opinion is alive and well in our area and in our state and the people have spoken with their votes. And thank you all who have given their opinion with their vote.
And no, we do not need to put up or shut up but work together so that all can benefit from Nauvoo tourism. The people who voted for Mayor McCarty deserve better.
A thank you to Ron Yockey for his support to our Nauvoo businesses by his commitment to have the bus tour sshedules available.

Bev Reynolds and many open-minded
Nauvoo citizens who agree

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