Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Cartoon banned by the Mormon church~Why?

Think about this why would the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ban this when it is Mormon Doctrine? If what is in this cartoon is false, why would the Mormon Church, then not just put forth the truth and show that it is a fraud?


  1. I can already see false teachings in this video and I only watched the first 2 minutes! We DO NOT believe that Heavenly Father was sent down as Adam and "one of his wives" as Eve. There is so much I want to say, but being Christian-LDS it is not my place to judge you for what you do. Who is the bigger person here?

  2. Liz...
    In order for you to make the statement that this is false teaching, you are either NOT a Mormom or you are an ignorant Mormon that does NOT know the teachings of the CULT you belong too. Good grief stop playing the victim by saying you are the bigger person than Rocky...Then you call yourself a LDS-Christian! Tehehehe, thanks for the laugh!

  3. Anonymous, are you LDS? Obviously not. Otherwise you would know the truth about the religion I belong to. I may not know everything about what my church teaches, but I do know that it does NOT teach that our Heavenly Father came to earth as Adam. I have been a member my entire life and not once have I ever heard that teaching.

    What makes YOU think that you know more about my religion than I do? I've been listening to the teachings of it since I can remember and there are MANY things that this website talks about that are absolutely false. You can say that you have read alllll about the LDS religion, but where do you get your information from? Anti-mormon websites? That could be a problem considering they love to post false things about us. If you REALLY want to know about us, the only way to know the truth is to visit our official website. www.lds.org
    I'm not asking you to go read and become a member, I just think that before you can tell me what we believe and what we don't believe, you need to read information that is legitimate.

    I've said this before, and I'll say it again...how can YOU call yourself a Christian when you are judging someone else and their religion? You aren't God, therefore you have no right to judge other people for what they believe.

    You can call us whatever you want, but what would Christ do? Do you see any LDS members bashing other religions? No...we try our hardest to be like Him. I'm not saying we are perfect, because we are far from it, as well as every other person on this planet. I do give Rocky this...he sure is dedicated to something he feels strongly about, but why isn't he doing something that will truly help the world. Instead of creating a website and putting so much time and effort into it, why can't he start an organization to help those less fortunate than us?

    That, would be the Christ-like thing to do.

    Think also about this...Satan knows the truth as well as Heavenly Father, correct? Satan knows what church is true, which means that he will do WHATEVER he can to keep people from the truth. Now, what religion is one of the most persecuted religions in the WORLD? Yes, that's right, the LDS religion.

    But that being said, I respect you for what you believe, why do you care SO MUCH about what we believe? It doesn't hurt you, we don't hurt other people, in fact we help other people. Nothing about our religion is "Un-Christ like". What church always responds to natural disasters, to aid those affected by them?

  4. I want you to know this. We do NOT believe that God had sex with the Virgin Mary, otherwise we would NOT refer to her as the Virgin Mary. Also, that man at the end that says that the church pressures members into divorcing their spouse if he/she is not a member is false. And as far as you believing that we think that Joseph Smith did more for us than Jesus, that is just ridiculous!! What Jesus Christ did is something NO ONE could ever do for us! Hence our name...."The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints". We do love Joseph Smith and are very grateful for what he did but we don't worship him by any means at all. We don't put him in close comparison to Jesus Christ OR God himself.

    I love the church with all my heart. I love Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father more than anything in this world, as do you I am sure. My love for Them isn't any different from your love for Them. As is Their love for us. I know They both love us equally.

  5. Whew Liz...got your garmies in a knot, do you? Sure appears so, by your last comment.
    Got one question for you, okay?
    Do you believe Brighan Young was a prophet of God?

  6. Yes I do. Why do you ask that?

  7. Good grief, Liz... So, you do believe Brigham Young was a prophet of God. Then you should know, that he taught these things. If you don't know, that doesn't make them not true, it just makes you uninformed. So it comes down to this, either Brigham Young was a true prophet of God or someone is lying here. Why? Brigham Young did teach what is in this cartoon, that's why!


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