Friday, June 22, 2007

Mormon Speaks Out About Trip From Utah to Nauvoo

Read some of the words that a Mormon posted on his blog, you gotta wonder why do they come to Nauvoo? It's Mormon "Mecca" that's why!

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Random Thoughts & Observations of Vacation
For all I’ve written about this trip there are still so many things rolling around in my head. For the sake of making a record of them, if only to recall them should we do something like this again...Not only does it rain in Ogallala but it stinks too. I think one of the biggest cattle ranches in the world is there and certainly one of the biggest piles of manure resides there. You can’t plug your nose through it and it does STINK.
The Wendy’s in North Plate, Nebraska sucks.
The pool at the La Quinta in Omaha really needs a cleaning.
Winter Quarters took about an hour of our time and it was time well spent. We saw everything and felt the spirit there.
Fort Madison is closer to Nauvoo than Keokuk and has everything you might night. You will spend $1 to get over the Mississippi though.
The Nauvoo State Park is a park — you camp on grass. Your first impression is that it is a dream location — soft grass to sleep on and fluffy bunnies bounding about give it an air of being comfortable. Don’t believe it. The raccoons are aggressive, you can’t leave ANYTHING out. They also SMELL. The bathrooms were not bad, as far as camp bathrooms go and while I did hear a few complain about cold showers mine never was. Shower early, shower often. Being off the water of Lake Horton means the bugs are plentiful and the humidity there has you sweating the second you get out of the shower.
We had menus all planned for this trip. But other than our first night we didn’t cook at all. Part of that was because of schedules, part of that was because of a change in plans, part of that was because it was just too blasted hot. Eating in town is dicey. Grandpa Johns is a soda fountain that serves burgers and fries. Poor service, extremely slow, lousy at math and barely passable food. The malts weren’t even that good. The Nauvoo bakery was a little better, but not much. Their soft serve ice cream was popular with the kids.
The Nauvoo laundromat was accessible 24 hours per day, cost $1.25 to wash and $.25 per cycle to dry (most loads took two cycles). Their change machine only worked with $1 bills.
The drive from Nauvoo to Carthage takes about 20 minutes.
Keokuk is a pit of a town. But they do have a Super Wal Mart. We bought two cases a day of bottled water for the 8 of us and used every bit of it.
The roads we took out of Nauvoo and into Missouri weren’t all that great.
Was not impressed with the hospitality in Nauvoo, except at the Temple, of course.
Groceries can be purchased at Duck’s market in Nauvoo...but you’ll pay a premium for just about anything else. Still, it beats going into Fort Madison or Keokuk if you really need something.
The best souveneirs in Nauvoo are free: get a free Nauvoo brick at the brickyard, a free rope at the rope making display at the Family Living center, a bent nail ring at the blacksmith’s, and a cookie at the bakery.
The Visitor’s Center offers air conditioned entertainment, something to plan for in the late afternoons especially.
The carriage rides are free but close down if the heat gets too bad.
Take only water and forget soda. In the heat and the humidity that’s what people want. If you want firewood at Nauvoo State Park, bring it with you. It cost four bucks a bundle at Duck’s and those were some small bundles".


  1. Mormons are something else aren't they?

  2. Mormons you got to love it...they just can't help themselves, they believe that one day they are going to become a god or goddess, so way not just say whatever you want?


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