Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Do Mormons Believe They Will Become Gods?...LDS Leaders Speak!

Apostle Marion D. Hanks, 1968

The "conditioned-reflex" version of the behaviorist cannot inspire the mystery and awe and wonder which are the glory of man. To know, instead, that every individual is an eternal person, a potential god or goddess, capable of deep love and graciousness and mercy, more than human, is to prepare us to live with courage and a sense of responsibility, to inspire self-reliance, self- respect, and genuine respect for others.
(Conference Report, October 1968, p.117)

President Lorenzo Snow, 1901

Sunday, 29 September 1901
Salt Lake City. Clear and cool. 10 a.m. Fast meeting at the temple, Pres. Lorenzo Snow presiding. In his remarks Pres. Snow said in part: I know the destiny of the Latter-day Saints. I know my destiny, providing I keep in the path the Lord has marked out. I know what you—brethren and sisters—can reach. We are all the children of God—all that live upon the earth. God loves us all. When Jesus died, he died for the whole human family. He died that we might become Gods and Goddesses in eternity. Latter-day Saints are tried, have their troubles and disappointments. We cannot obtain a fullness of joy in this world. It was not intended that we should. Some will secure a fullness of glory hereafter, and others will receive it in part. There are three glories and other conditions that are not so glorious, and the Lord will bring his children into those conditions. As to the Latter-day Saints, the Lord designs that they shall receive a fullness of Celestial glory, and they are destined to become Gods in eternity. Jesus was God before he came into the world and he was God after he came, while a babe in Bethlehem, but he did not know it.
(Diaries of [Apostle] Rudger Clawson, Edited by Stan Larson, p.318)

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