Monday, July 2, 2007

Nauvoo Betterment Group ~ Mayor McCarty Speaks His Mind Again?

"Mayor McCarty responds...
Unfortunately for Nauvoo, we were eliminated from the Western Region choices for a chance to be one of the Seven Wonders of Illinois...What is it going to take to make some people realize that the opportunities are here and we need to embrace them instead of worrying about who will benefit? The truth is: only those who want to benefit truly will. The reason Historic Nauvoo is a destination now is because a group of people have put out the effort and funding to see it through. If we want all the areas to benefit, then I suggest people need to put up or shut up!"
John McCarty,
Mayor, City of Nauvoo

On Wednesday June 20, 2007 the Mayor's Roundtable was replaced with a Betterment Group and was open to all. Everyone was ask to put on their thinking caps, invite your friends, neighbors and come to discuss how to improve Nauvoo. However, when Mayor McCarty didn't like the statement made by my husband Rocky: Mayor John McCarty had this to say in his outburst..."If the locals don't like new development and improvements they can, sell their houses for a lot of money and move the hell out!"


  1. Sounds like the Mayor is a wonderful statesman.. LOL
    Sorry y'all have to deal with a town govt that seems to have been bought out.


  2. Mark you sure got it correct...the mayor of Nauvoo needs a little help with understanding that this town, is not Mormon Nauvoo...well not yet anyway!

  3. Nauvoo is fast becoming a joke. Look at the little man he is being run out of town. The Mormons with their money and their huge Mormon temple (which most cannot even get inside cause they are NOT worthy) are back and view Nauvoo as their town, so why don't all you little people just get out while the getting is good?


Rocky and Helen Hulse

Rocky and Helen Hulse
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