Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Utah Mormons Come to Nauvoo...But Why?

Mormons come to Nauvoo...Read here a few things and learn what Mormons think of Nauvoo and the locals who live here on their blogs?
June 21st, 2007
These are not my words they were posted on a blog by a Mormon…

“As a Mormon “Mecca”, visiting Nauvoo and Carthage is a must. The spirit there and what the early Mormon’s had to endure there is quite moving…One afternoon in the humidity was enough for me and never mind the bugs!

The church owned sites were great. The missionaries that worked the exhibits were very knownledgable and friendly. The shows were top notch and the meet/great afterward left my 4 year old “star struck.” If only we had more time…

The side of Nauvoo owned by the Community of Christ - formerly the Reorganized Church of Latter-Day Saints - formerly part of the offical Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was a bit odd. The settings were ok and well taken care of. However, to visit the visitor’s center and some of the sites, cost money and viewing of their church commerical which would be ok (they need to pay for the upkeep some how) but what you learn about them is disconcerting given the fact that they control most of the Joseph Smith family sites and consider him to be their founder. The religion isn’t even a shell of what it once was when he headed it. And it makes me wonder if it made the changes because it merely wanted to be accepted? It’s a bit confusing, especially since they still regard the Book of Mormon as scripture yet contradict it’s teachings. It left me a sad feeling for them as it seems they undid what Joseph did and that for their sake, he died in vain.”

I would ask the Mormon who wrote the above one statements…Where in the Book of Mormon is there one doctrine for anything that goes on inside that Nauvoo Mormon temple. You will not find anything that happens in a Mormon temple in the Book of Mormon.


  1. "You will not find anything that happens in a Mormon temple in the Book of Mormon."

    Wow, I beg to differ. [I've read and experienced both, many times.]

    Your comment is incorrect.

  2. You did not provide on place in the Book of Mormon where the doctrines of temple work is found.

    All you did was talk about your feelings! That's not doctrine!


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