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August 15, 2007



As we approach September 11th, Americans everywhere will reflect on the tragic event of that day in 2001; however, we had more than one terrible tragedy that happened on September 11th. As a nation, we are all aware of the horror of 9/11/2001; but few are aware of the horror of the First September 11th. Known as the Mountain Meadows Massacre, this horrific event happened September 11, 1857. On that tragic September day, 120 innocent men, women, and children were brutally murdered by as many as 100 Mormon men under direct orders from their Priesthood leadership.

A very rich wagon train from Arkansas consisting of about 140 people, 1,000 head of cattle, 200 horses, 40 wagons and thousands of dollars in gold was attacked, looted and left with but 17 survivors, all 7 years of age or less. Historian Will Bagley has made the historical connection through the diary of Dimmick Huntington, Indian Interpreter and brother-in-law of Brigham Young, that Brother Brigham ordered the attack by telling the Indian Chiefs they could have the cattle if they would attack the train. The Indians did attack the wagon train on September 6th; however, the seasoned pioneers put up a staunch fight after being surprised and suffering some casualties.

The Indians withdrew under the superior firepower of the pioneers. With the Indians failing to do their part, the Mormon leaders met in Parowan and came up with a heinous plot. Under the direction of Stake President Isaac Haight, and Bishop William Dame the Commander of the Iron County Militia (a remnant of the Nauvoo Legion), Bishop John D. Lee rode into the siege encampment of the pioneers with a white truce flag. He told the pioneers that the Indians had agreed to allow the Mormons to rescue the pioneers and take them to safety if they would lay down their arms. Believing the Mormons to be their deliverers, they did. The wounded and children seven years of age and under were put into two separate wagons; the children’s wagon was driven by Samuel McMurdy, 1st Counselor in the Cedar Ward. The women and remaining children were then led out first. With a quarter mile spacing between them, the unarmed men were then led out escorted with an armed Mormon guard. Once clear of the encampment and out in the open, Nauvoo Legion Maj. John Higbee, 1st Counselor to Stake President Haight, gave the order: “Halt, do your duty.” The Mormon escort guards turned and gunned down at point blank range the men. At the sound of gunfire, Indians and Saints disguised as Indians came from ambush positions and clubbed, stabbed, and shot to death the women and children. The wounded in the wagon were shot at point blank range.

Only the seventeen children were spared because “they were too young to tell the tale,” and Mormon Doctrine states there is no forgiveness for the shedding of innocent blood (children under the age of eight). The children were doled out to Mormon homes and two years later when they were recovered by the Indian Agent, Forney, the Mormon Church billed the Federal Government for room and board. Authorization was made for payment to those who killed their parents in the sum of $2,961.77. Brevet Major Carleton, of the First Dragoons, who first found the killing field in Mountain Meadows, said of this payment: “Has there ever been an act which at all equaled this in devilish hardihood, in more than devilish effrontery? Never, but one: and even then the price was but “30 pieces of silver.”” (Mountain Meadows Massacre, Special Report, 57th Congress 1st Session, House of Representatives, Document No. 605).

The horror of this event lives on today. The Mormon Church refuses to acknowledge any complicity in the wretched event. What is even worse, they have purchased all the land in the area of the killings. Four mass graves still hold the remains of these innocent people. The descendants have tried for years to be granted access to these mass graves to properly honor and bury their dead; HOWEVER, THE MORMON CHURCH REFUSES TO ALLOW THEM THIS SIMPLE ACT OF DECENCY.

How is this possible in 2007? There is no question that the Mormon Priesthood ordered this massacre, and the Mormon Church will not allow the families to properly bury their dead. The descendants of these people petitioned the Mormon Church in 1999 for Federal Stewardship of this area so that they could access the graves and properly honor their dead. They were refused. In the Spring of 2007 another request was made; again denial. Mormon Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley said, “it’s not in the best interests of the church to allow federal stewardship in the meadows.” Phil Bolinger, President of the Mountain Meadows Monument Foundation, meeting with Mormon representative, Marlin Jensen on April 25th said, “It’s not right for the people who had complicity to the killings to be the grave owner.” He followed up with a sage question, “I asked him, ‘How do you think the Kennedy family would feel if the Lee Harvey Oswald family had control of the Kennedy tomb?”

I thought the Mormon Church was all about families. I guess they’re not if they killed them! This most despicable act in American history lives on by the Mormon Church thumbing its nose at the descendants of those its Priesthood killed.

I interviewed four of the descendants of this massacre on our TV show “Truth Outreach.” The first of three programs will air on WTJR Ch 16 (Mon 8:30 pm, Tues 1:30 pm, Wed 10:00 pm) from Quincy, the week of August 19th; the second program the week of August 26th; the third the week of September 2nd. These programs were hard to film—they’ll be hard to watch; this is a horrid tale that needs to be told.

If you want to right one of the WORST WRONGS in American history, stop by the Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center—we are collecting signatures on petitions demanding the Mormon Church to turn this killing field over to the Federal Government so the families can properly inter their dead. Only the angry outcry of the American public will force the Mormon Church to do the right thing. Tell everyone you know about this!

If you wish to write a letter demanding release of Mountain Meadows, send it to:

Marlin Jensen, LDS CHURCH, 35 North West Temple St.,Salt Lake City, UT 84150. You may call and complain to the LDS Church: Tom Owen 801-240-1000. Call Senator Durbin: 202-224-2152; Senator Obama: 202-224-2854; Representative Hare: 202-225-5905. Get involved, you can make a difference to right this ugly wrong!!

A view I wish I didn’t have to write from the Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center.


  1. I'm disgusted again at America and their way of once again hiding another shameful part of history. I say let those people give their dead the burial they deserve.

  2. ian - The Mountain Meadows Massacre descendants have every right to properly bury their dead. It's really not America that is hiding this part of history, it is the Mormon Church trying to hide their involvement. They've been trying to blame it on the Indians and some renegade Mormons, all to protect Brigham Young who ordered the dastardly deed.

  3. Even if they can deny involvment, they should still do the decent thing and allow the descendants to do that which is proper. I always was under the impression, Mormons were a Christian Church. I wonder if Satan has a Church on earth?

  4. The sight of the Mountain Meadows Massacre has been memorialized and a proper monument and facilities have been built. The recent book, The Massacre at Mountain Meadows, by Glen Leonard and others describes in detail why the Massacre happened and who participated. Brigham Young DID NOT ORDER it (the Massacre) to be done. I would suggest that if you want to know why it happened, to read the book

  5. anonymous - November 7, 2008 - First off I have little tolerance for those who drive by and comment under "anonymous." People who have no spine to even identify themselves really are cowards. I don't hide behind curtains. I do the research and stand behind my words. Sad, that your faith is built upon and hides in anonymity.

    So, anonymous, have you ever been to Mountain Meadows? I have. I've also been to many of the battlefields of the West. These battlefields have been Nationally memorialized, and rightfully so. Our Westward history good and bad (Wounded Knee) should be properly recognized and illuminated. Why hasn't "Mountain Meadows" been Nationally memorialized? The answer is: The Mormon Church owns the ground where this massacre occured and will not release it because as long as they own it they can restrict access to it and therefore they can control the story. The Mormon Church does not want the truth out. If the Mormon Church was not afraid of the truth, why don't they turn this battlefield over to the Federal Government so a National Monument and Visitors Center could be erected? They will not turn this battlefield over, because they are hiding the truth that this massacre was the first battle of the Mormon War of 1857. These people were declared enemies of the Mormon Church by its despot: Brigham Young. This wagon train's wealth and unfortunate place of origin, Arkansas, were a large part of its demise. Brigham Young needed money to fund his war against the United States. Parley P. Pratt, one of the Mormon 12 Apostles, had recently been murdered in Arkansas and although these people had nothing to do with it, they were guilty by association.

    Asking for information about "Mountain Meadows Massacre" from the Mormon Church, is like asking for information about voter fraud from "Acorn."

    I suggest if you want to know what really happened, read Chapter 9 of my book "When Salt Lake City Calls." My book is fully documented; if it wasn't the Mormon Church would have sued me long ago.

    The Mormon Church now admits that some documents about the massacre were destroyed in years past. That fact, the destruction of information about the massacre stored in the Mormon Church archives, is, in and of itself, an admission of guilt. Records that clear someone of guilt are never destroyed by the party that is trying to establish that fact. Only records that are damning to their position are destroyed. So, the very fact that the Mormon Church has to admit that records were destroyed is in fact an admission of guilt.

    Get a clue anonymous!! Should you ever come to a point of independent cognitive thought, let me know; perhaps we could have a real dialogue at that point.


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