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Key Tenets of Mormon Faith as reported by the Associated Press 1/16/08

Key Tenets of Mormon Faith
By The Associated Press – 9 hours ago

Key tenets of the Mormon faith:

_Nature of God: God once was a mortal who became an eternal being after a great trial.

_Jesus Christ: Christ was God's first-born spirit child, his only earthly child and the only perfect mortal.

_No Trinity: Mormons reject the idea of the Christian Trinity — God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as one ethereal being. Instead, they believe the three are separate beings joined in a common purpose.

_Pre-existence and the afterlife: Before their mortal birth, humans existed in pre-mortality and were born in the spirit world to heavenly parents. Mormons also believe in the resurrection and teach that most people will receive some measure of salvation and have a place in a three-level eternal kingdom.

_One true church: Mormons say their faith is not Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox but holds a unique place as "restored New Testament Christianity." Founder Joseph Smith said God told him none of the existing churches were practicing Christianity as it was intended.

_ A living prophet: Mormons believe the head of their church is a living prophet, seer and revelator who can communicate with God.

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  1. 1,200 years separate these prophets, Joseph Smith, Jr. and the Honorable Prophet Muhammed, yet there are striking similarities. One is that both the prophet of Mormonism and the prophet of Islam liked women. They both liked women alot, and they both liked lots of women. Joseph Smith, Jr. married 30 some, and the Honorable Prophet Muhammed married 12 some. According to Islamic Law, a man can have only four wives at one time, but the Honorable Prophet Muhammed had twelve at one time. He received a revelation from the God of Islam, which said the Law did not apply to him. He could have as many wives as he wished. And the revelation is the second similarity. Josehp Smith, Jr, received a revelation too, but from the god of Mormonism. It said Joseph could have as many wives as he liked too. There two men were very unique prophets, for there are none other like them in the Bible, eg. Jeremiah, Isaiah Amos or Micah. Now, why is that?


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