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Mormon Church Defies US Flag Code

The Mormon Church is flying the US Flag at half-mast at the their Temple and Visitor's Center in Nauvoo. US Code Title 4 Section 7(m) states that only the President and State Governors (with restrictions) can issue a proclamation ordering the US Flag to be flown at half-mast. No Proclamation has been issued by the President or Governor of Illinois. The Mormon Church is clearly in violation of the law.
They are in violation of the law; they just cannot be prosecuted by it. US FLAG CODE IS LAW; however, it only applies for prosecution to Federal and State Agencies.

The Mayor of Nauvoo, John McCarty, contacted the Mormon authorities in Nauvoo today, Wednesday, January 30th. The local Mormon authorities said that Salt Lake City called them and ordered the US Flag to be lowered to half mast. The Mayor of Nauvoo told them they were in violation of US Law. The local Mormon Authorities refused to restore the Flag to full mast and said they would call Salt Lake City. The local Mormon authorities called the Mayor back at approximately 3:00 pm and said the Attorney for the Mormon Church said they would not restore the US Flag to its proper place that the Mormon Church was exercising their 1st Amendment Rights. Their 15th "Prophet" died last Sunday and they have every right to mourn his passing; however, mourning doesn't give anyone license to defy the laws of the United States.

Monday February 4th the Mormon Church will commemorate their "Exodus" from Nauvoo in 1846. They will present rewritten history to promote their story that the reason they were expelled from the State of Illinois was religious persecution. This is not true. Accurate history shows the Mormon Church leaders were in defiance of US, Illinois and Hancock County Law, and that is the reason for their expulsion. 162 years later, nothing has changed, the Mormon Church still considers themselves above the law.
Fraud and falsehood only dread examination. Truth invites it.
Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784)


  1. On Jan. 29th, Glenn Beck commented on the death of President Gordon B. Hinckley on his TV show, Glenn Beck Headline News, CNBC. He also posted the obituary on his web site. His remarks were that President Hinckley was a very kind and nice man. But that is not the whole truth. As an Apolstle in the 1980's, Hinckley participated in the cover up of a fraud, in lying to authorities that he knew and had met the forger and murder, and in helping to suppress a murder indictment in favor of a plea agreement, inorder to keep the LDS Church's involvement out of the news. President Hinckley's participation in all this has been documented in "The Mormon Murders, A Story of Greed, Forgery, Deceit and Death", Steven Naifeh & Gregory White Smith. It is not a picture of a very nice and kind man. Not telling the whole truth was to be expected. Mormons are sworn not to say anything critical about their leaders, especially the President/Prophet. Mormons make this promise in the Temple Endowment ceremonies, see "The Law of the Gospel" in "When Salt Lake City Calls" by Rocky Hulse pp 197-98 and pp 204-05 for the documentation. Mr. Beck can avoid the truth with a clear conscience because of the Mormon belief and doctrine of Lying For The Lord. Gorden B. Hinckley practiced this befief himself, see "The Mormon Murders" pp 35-56 and "When Salt Lake City Calls" pp 342-44 for the documentation. I am sure that Glenn Beck tells the truth on his daily TV show, except when talking about the Mormon leaders of his faith. His many viewers do not know that about the Glenn Beck Headline News TV show.

  2. Please stop attacking Mormons or any others for that matter. Mormon leaders do not advocate saying bad things about any other religions (the individual members might lose their tempers sometimes and say things they shouldn't, but they know it is wrong). They teach their followers to hate the sin, but love the sinner. Christ would never attack others this way. Jesus said, "Love one another." Please try to follow his example.

  3. Rather strange that the lopez-kids would say "Please stop attacking Mormons...Mormon leaders do not advocate saying bad things about any other religion..."

    Oh really?

    Here is what their Mormon Scripture says about ALL other Churches.

    Joseph Smith when just fourteen years of age, claimed to have received a vision from heaven in which God the Eternal Father (an exalted man with a body of flesh and bones) and his Son, Jesus Christ, appeared to him. Joseph wrote that he went into the woods to pray and ask "18...which of all sects was right-and which I should join. (19. I was answered that I must join them, for they were all wrong; and the Personage who addressed me said that all their creeds were an abomination in his sight; and that those professors were all corrupt;...In this first sentence of verse 19, the founder of Mormonism, Joesph Smith, claims that ALL churches are wrong, ALL creeds are an abomination (Christian theology comes from the creeds), and ALL professors of Christianity are corrupt-ergo, ALL Christian churches are false, ALL Christian theology is an abomination in Jesus' sight, and ALL Christians are corrupt.

    Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith 2:18-19, 1977.

    This declaration set Mormonism on a collision course with Christianity everywhere it went, and continues on this course to this very day.

    Do you believe in the First Vision of the Mormon Church?
    If you do (and you must to be a Mormon), then you attack ALL others, that are not Mormon.

    BTW...check the definition of the word "ABOMINATION"

  4. This blog is a great example of how bigoted people love to bend the truth. The US Flag Code is a law that sets the guideline for proper flag display. The key word in that sentence was guideline. While government agencies are required to follow these guidelines to the letter, they are only recommendations for civilians and civilian organizations. I doubt that you folks would have caused a stir if any other civilian organization had there flag lowered , without authorization, for a cultural remembrance. Why? Probably because it happens all the time. Just look around. There are civilians violating the flag code all the time. I seriously doubt you follow the flag code all the time either. BTW, why do you fight so hard to tear down just the LDS Church. Why not focus your efforts on all faiths that are contrary to your own. The answer is that you are too bigoted, and full of hate to broaden your horizons. I hope that you find Christ in your life, and are able to share what you believe, not what you don't.

  5. daynavyag - If your user-name has anything to do with your being in the "Navy," then shame on you. The Navy I served in taught respect for, and the proper display of, the Flag. You are absolutely wrong in saying that I, as a retired Sailor, would not say anything to anyone else - that I simply said something because it was the Mormon Church. There are many Veterans that take patriotism seriously - it's obvious you don't; that's too bad.

    The Mormon Church, and Mormons do their best to hide their history (the only church to go to war against the United States and actually attack the United States Army - Utah War 1857) and proclaim that they are the quintessential American citizens and patriots, yet, they snub the Flag Code because their Prophet is second only to God Himself, so all of their blather about being subject to earthly governments is just that, blather. The Mormon Church had an opportunity to show that they are subject to world governments, instead they chose to do what they have done since they were first organized, place themselves above everything else in this world. I guess the point is, if you're going to be a "God" one day and rule your own universe, then what does an earthly government have on you - obviously nothing. Their rejection of the Flag Code is a case in point.

    I am a Christian, and Jesus said to go to all the world and bring forth the "good news." It's amazing that the Mormon missionaries go to the world and tell them that all churches are wrong, all the creeds (Christian doctrines) are an abomination, and all who profess Christianity are corrupt, and that's O.K. Mormons telling the whole world that they are apostates is not hatred or bigotry; yet, if we talk about the false teachings of Mormonism compared to the Bible, we're haters and bigots. The hypocrisy of your statement is ridiculous.

  6. CWO5 Hulse (ret.),
    Who are you to question my patriotism? You have no clue who I am, or in what capacity I served this great country. You may be surprised to know that I am a combat veteran of both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and I have the medals to prove it.

    There is a reason I responded to this blog and not to any other blog you have posted. The reason is because you are wrong about the LDS Church breaking the law. Non-governmental institutions have no obligation to follow the flag code. The beginning of the actual flag code states this very clearly:

    "The following codification of existing rules and customs pertaining to the display and use of the flag of the United States of America is established for the use of such civilians or civilian groups or organizations as may not be required to conform with regulations promulgated by one or more executive departments of the Government of the United States."

    Being a non-governmental entity, they have the RIGHT to lower the flag to half-staff whenever they deem necessary. Here are some non-Mormon patriotic organizations who know more about the flag code than you, yet agree with me.

    As for your rant on Mormon history, the Utah War was a "war" that indirectly claimed a whopping 150 lives. Their is a reason why non-Mormon historians refer to it as "Buchanan's Blunder", because the whole conflict was a direct result of President Buchanan's "failing to officially notify Governor Young about his replacement, incurring the expense of sending troops without investigating the reports on Utah's disloyalty to the United States, dispatching the expedition late in the season, and failing to provide an adequate resupply train for the winter."'s+Blunder

    When it comes to the Mormons being above the law, individually we are not. However when it comes to God being above the law, I must confess, God is the law. This country was founded by divine inspiration to commit treason against England. Traitors paid the price for our freedom by not being subject to earthly governments. So why should His church be subject to earthly governments? The answer is, it shouldn't be. That's why freedom of religion exists in this country, because government is subject to God, not the other way around.
    "It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible." -George Washington

    Your comments about bigotry really hit home for me. While Mormon theology claims there is one true church, and discredits ALL others as false or apostate, your ministry singles out ONE group to call false. Why do you focus on ONE group? Do you believe that the Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Methodist, Mennonite, Amish, Baptist, Nazarene, Presbyterian, Orthodox, Pentecostal, Episcopal, Unitarian, and other Christian faiths are all 100% accurate? If you do believe that each one of these faiths is 100% accurate, I sincerely apologize for calling you a bigot. If you do not believe in any one of the faiths I mentioned, and are not focusing your ministry on them as well as Mormons, you are a bigot.

    I recognize that you are probably not going to change your ways, and it should be obvious that I’m rather well rooted in mine. That being said, I want to thank you for your service to this country, and for allowing me to reply to your posting.

  7. daynavyag...U don't know much about Mormonism or its history.
    U sound like a brainwashed Mormon and nothing more.
    Get some facts rather than just the standard Mormon dribble!

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  9. We claim the privilege of worshipping Almighty God, according to the dictates of our own concsience and allow all men the same privelege, let them worship how, where, and what they may.
    "Let there be peace on earth, and let God judge all."

    I cannot support the insubordinate.

  10. daynavyag and Free_Thinker ...
    Brainwashed typical statements made by both of you. Just follow your Mormon Leaders, Praise to the Man (Joseph Smith) etc. No matter what the topic, learn to LIE for the lord (of Mormonism). One day you both will face the real Jesus and LORD of the Bible and find your trust has been and was in the arm of flesh just the mere men of Mormonism!

  11. Wow, this one got heated! It's not against the law for religious bodies to lower a flag. It's only against the law for government agencies. So, in turn, the Church was not breaking any laws when the Nauvoo flag was lowered. This whole controversy is then moot since there is no foundation for argument. The Flag Code cannot be "defied" since the express right of religious bodies to exercise the First Ammendment without being persecuted by the Code exists as a matter of constitutional law. No harm was done and no argument should be made.

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  13. In answer to Helen Joseph was not trying to put any church down. You have to know the whole story before you make a judegment on what is said. Joseph had a question and the Lord answered him. That is it. You will notice as you read Joseph's history that he never tried to expound on that trying to put people or others down. He has said to people to take what you already have and see what we can add to it. He always tried to build people up not tear them down. The Lord's answer to Joseph's prayer is not in the context to destroy or tear down anyone, but to answer a simple prayer to someone who wanted to know which church to join. If it were meant to be in harsh tones Joseph would have mentioned particular church names (as others are doing in this blog-mormons) and would have mentioned certain preachers names--but he didn't! I know I can't change your mind, but sufficeth to say, just because people think someone says something bad about another religion, does it give them the right to revile back instead of turning the other cheek? What would Jesus do?

  14. Rob, are you having a problem with your posts? In just the pass 10 minutes, you have posted three times and removed them, before I could respond. Perhaps it's difficult to keep a lie straight? Joseph Smith seem to have the same problem, as does the LDS Church today.

  15. I just had a grammer issue was all....

  16. Helen, You seems to be very upset and angry and the LDS church. Why is that?

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  18. Mormons are most definitely Christians! There is absolutely no doubt about that. Our churches are adorned with his pictures and our church is centered on his teachings. Every member is deeply and eternally grateful to Jesus Christ for His atoning sacrifice and subsequent crucifixion. We profoundly feel the impact of His saving grace in our lives and we contemplate the pain He endured in our behalf, knowing that we could never accomplish what He did for us. He was the only One who could accomplish such a mission, because of the depth of His love for us, His overwhelming charity, and His deep desire to see us become exalted in the last day and return to our Heavenly Father. He loved us so much that he gave His life for our salvation.
    We also believe that while He died for us, He also rose again in the glory of our Heavenly Father, defeating death. He set the example for the rest of us, opening the gates so that death need no longer be terrifying. Because He bore our sins, defeated death, and rose again, we can too. We will be reunited with our loved ones on the other side. We will be restored to our former health, or, for those who have never been blessed with good health, we will be healed of all our imperfections.
    Additionally, the Mormon Church is not only centered around and focused on Christ and the Atonement. We also believe that all of mankind has a loving Heavenly Father that loves us so much and wants us to return to his loving arms, that he sent us a lifeline: Christ. In fact we believe that it is solely due to our Heavenly Father’s plan and our Savior Jesus Christ’s physical sacrifice that we can be forgiven of our sins, that our emotional hurts can be washed away, and that our physical ailments can be eased. Again, all because of what He did for us.

  19. Any church that believes in these principles is a Church of Christ. There are many denominations out there; the only difference between them is their interpretation of what the word of God actually says. I believe that is why God answered Joseph Smith’s prayer to not join any other church. The disorganization of all of the different denominations is confusing at best. I went through this confusion as a child. I attended a Baptist school, my grandfather was a Pentecostal preacher, and my mom’s side of the family was all Catholics. I believe it was God’s attempt to try and clarify his word and restructure his church through a new prophet. Keep in mind that every prophet throughout the Bible has been persecuted and disbelieved.
    The funny thing is when other faiths start pointing out that the Mormon Church has this so called bad history. I am sure that there were people in the Mormon Church that made some bad mistakes throughout history; after all every member is just as human as you and me. A person does not all of the sudden become perfect or impervious to mistakes or sin just because they belong to a certain denomination’s church, the Mormon Church included. The human aspect applies to the leaders of the churches too. There have been many leaders in other faiths that have lost their path. Even Moses himself messed up and he was a prophet of God. It just goes back to the point that not one of us is leaving this world perfect. Furthermore, there is not another branch of the Christian faith that can claim that their history is completely spotless. Many other branches have very shady histories, even wars have been fought between differing denominations. It does not mean that the whole denomination is wrong, only that a handful of its members went astray.
    In conclusion, let us all quite bickering over the small inconsequential stuff and start paying more attention to what really matters; like worshiping our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ. If we were to put as much effort into bringing God and our Savior back into every aspect of our daily lives we would all be a whole lot better off and this country would return to the strength that it had when our founding fathers where in charge. Just remember that Satan has far more control over all of us Christians when we are segregated and not united. We are too distracted being at each other’s throats over who is right and who is wrong, that evil is succeeding at too fast of a rate. If evil does succeed it won’t matter who was right or who was wrong.

  20. Ok, I used to be Mormom and have since left the LDS church and attend a Christan church (that sometimes offends Mormons, as they take it that you're insinuation that they are not Christian, they believe they are and it should be left at that) To the guy who thought that the LDS church or any church should not have the right to fly their flag at half mass, of course they should. It isn't against flag code and they (the LDS church) should be be allowed to practice their first amendment...all churches should. Once we start to allow the government "govern" churches 1st amendment right, we lose. Christian or not. The government should not be bigger than Christ. period. Also, a note to people we have such guile towards mormons or who find it their mission in life to prove wrong the LDS church, I must say, that in high school, there was a boy who would always come up to me and tell me about how my religion (at the time) was so wrong..yadda yadda yadda. It was hurtful, mean and rude. And a seed could have been planted, but wasn't. Not until many moons later, when I met Christians who actually acted like Christians. Don't be so offended by mormons, or if they claim they are the only true church, in fact, get over it! You won't touch their hearts like this...start to be more Christlike. Mormons are loving people. I have many friends who have also left the LDS church, this bitter/anger tactic doesn't work. trust me. It builds a wall, that is it. Google the book, "I love Mormons", I saw it in a Christian bookstore once and it impressed me.

    Now stop fighting with them about where they are wrong and just show them the truth.

    You'll catch more flys with honey- I promise!

  21. Anonymous - The Flag Code is quite clear. I don't find it odd that the only church to ever declare war against the United States of America, would chose to abide by anything so menial as the Flag Code!

    As to to your assertion that confronting Mormons about the false religious system they promote is not Christian, then I guess when Jesus confronted the Pharisees he was non-Christian. How could Jesus Christ be non-Christian? I guess he could if he and Lucifer were brothers.

    Jesus didn't use one size fits all witnessing. Those that needed harse confronting, received it; those that didn't, received a less confrontational style. I guess I'll let the Holy Spirit lead instead of someone who chooses to cherry pick Jesus' life, instead of reading and using the whole Bible to guide us in how we should conduct ourselves.

  22. So Rocky, it outrages you that the Mormons would fly the American Flag at half mast to honor the death of someone that they truly respected. How petty and silly can you be? What evil satanic people. Maybe they should be marched into death camps and obliterated. Get rid of those nasty Jews, I mean Mormons. What are you, a fascist? Your tirade about Mormons declaring war against the United States is news to me. I have heard of plenty of persecution of the Mormons, just for what they believe, that started long ago and continues still today. I am surprised that they turned the other cheek so many times. Because of hatred, every time it became too dangerous to live in one location, they uprooted themselves and their families to try and find a safe place to live. Never mind their constitutional right to freedom of religion.

  23. Rocky, I think that you totally missed the point that anonymous was trying to make. It isn’t the act of confronting Mormons on YOUR BELIEF that Mormonism is a false religion and not Christianity, it is the way you do it. In all the posts’ that you and your wife have made, not one of them exudes love. In fact, you emanate more hatred than anything. The opposite of what Christ would do. Love the sinner, hate the sin. Let those without sin cast the first stone. Christ may not have used a one size fits all, but the one thing that he did do the same with all those that he confronted is LOVE them. I agree that no one should cherry pick the Bible, but instead read and study the word and then wait for guidance from the Holy Spirit. I am not sure where in the Bible that you learned that hostility is the best method to teach Gods word, but I think you should really do a re-read and pay attention this time.

  24. William, or whomever you are, your 11/7/09 post at 10:13 PM has you screaming out personal attacks against me from behind a curtain, since your profile is hidden. Mormons are well versed in the modern tactics of silencing opposition. Just like modern politics, any criticism of a position held by any person of color is countered by calling it racism. Any questioning of Mormonism is countered with the “you’re persecuting us,” or “you’re a hater.” Rather than address the issues raised, the tactic is to divert the question away by personal attacks questioning motive or intent. If Mormonism was “the only true church on the face of the whole earth,” as it claims of itself, any questions should be easily answered.

    Let me answer your post of 11/7/09 of 10:11 PM. The Flag Code says the President and State Governors are the only ones who can order the National Ensign to be lowered to half staff. “How petty and silly can you be?” Gosh, we veterans who volunteered to give up our very lives if necessary to support the Constitution and all that America stands for are taught to reverence the flag, as it stands for America. We veterans don’t believe that following the Flag Code is “petty and silly.” I will make an assumption that such a statement could only be made by someone who has never served in the Armed Forces. I don’t believe anyone should be allowed to disrespect the flag, just because that is what they want to do. I also, don’t believe that we veterans are “fascist” because we believe that the flag code should be followed.

    Since when is stating historical fact, a “tirade”? The Mormon Church is, by accurate factual history, the only church in America to assemble a militia and attack the United States Army. It is obvious that you are ignorant of United States History. Now, before you trip off line about my use of the word ignorant, get out your dictionary and look up its meaning. Ignorant means: not knowing. Your post clearly shows you are ignorant of US History; because the Mormon Church did attack the US Army in the Utah War of 1857. Your knowledge of Mormon “persecution” is also quite Mormon in its content; it is devoid of all the facts. Were the early Mormons recipients of persecution and acts of violence? Yes, they were; however, what is totally missing from the knowledge of most Mormons is that the Mormons conducted acts of violence against their neighbors as well. Were any of these acts of violence, by either side, right or justifiable? No, they were not. The biggest falsehood perpetuated in Mormon history today is that the Mormons were driven from place to place because of religious persecution. FALSE! Accurate history clearly shows that Mormons were driven out of the various places they settled because their leaders refused to abide by Federal, State and Local laws. It wasn’t their religion that the locals couldn’t tolerate, it was the Mormon leaders placing themselves above the law and defying anyone who tried to enforce those laws. It is quite obvious that your knowledge of early Mormon history comes from the Mormon Church which has sanitized its history to eliminate those things that do not show Mormonism in a positive light. The “Brethren” call it eliminating those things which aren’t “faith promoting.” Mormons were driven out because they, as governed by their Mormon leadership, refused to abide the laws of the land; however, that doesn’t conjure up waves of sympathy for the Mormons, so false history has been quite successfully put in place of the truth to hide the facts and promote the “persecution syndrome” of Mormonism.

  25. Now William, your post of 11/07/09 10:13 PM – Are you clairvoyant? Are you a Shaman? Or, did the same “holy spirit” that told you the Book of Mormon was true tell you I was a hater. Answer me this William: “I believe that the Mormon Church is a false religion that takes people to a false Jesus that cannot cleanse them from their sin; so, Mormons will die in their sin and therefore, go to hell (not my words, the words of the New Testament). If I hated Mormons, why then, wouldn’t I just remain silent and let them go to hell? Instead, I take grief from folks like you, calling me names and impugning my integrity, because I am reaching out to Mormons trying to show them that the Jesus they follow is false and help them find the Jesus of the Bible that will cleanse away their sin.” So William, answer the question: Believing as I do, that Mormons are headed for hell; if I hated them, why don’t I just remain silent and let them go to hell? If I hated Mormons, why would I reach out to them? Why would I take opposition from Mormons, or anyone else, to help someone that I hated? The logic is illogical William.

  26. read the flag code §173. Display and use of flag by civilians; codification of rules and customs; definition
    The following codification of existing rules and customs pertaining to the display and use of the flag of the United States of America is established for the use of such civilians or civilian groups or organizations as may not be required to conform with regulations promulgated by one or more executive departments of the Government of the United States. The flag of the United States for the purpose of this chapter shall be defined according to sections 1 and 2 of title 4 and Executive Order 10834 issued pursuant thereto.

    I have noticed that you are like most Bible thumpers and you take only the part you want to believe and throw away the rest. Especially when the rest of the code article or scriptures around it proves you are wrong. Believe what you will, in the end you will know the truth and being a son of perdition, Christ has a place for you..

  27. Well Joe, any reasoned argument you may have made was nullified in your inability as a Mormon to be civil with anyone who provides objective criticism of Mormonism. Don't even try to hide and say you're not Mormon. As a Mormon you just can't help the name calling. It goes right back to the beginning of Mormonism: Joseph Smith's "First Vision"; where he claims all of Christianity is an abomination in Jesus' sight. Mormonism loves to call us Christians "Bible Thumpers." Well, guilty as charged. I love the Bible because it is God's Word; that's a fact. I believe in truth; unlike the fiction of the Book of Mormon.

    Ah, the "Son of Perdition" slur. Yes, I dared to leave Mormonism so Mormons label me a "Son of Perdition." Oldest tactic in the book: labeling. By labeling me, within the Mormon community you have marginalized me; therefore, you don't have to face the issues I bring.

    If Mormonism is true; if the Mormon Church is the "one and only true church on the face of the earth," why are Mormons so afraid of the issues I bring? Answer: It's easier to name call and mud sling than it is to answer legitmate questions about Mormonism.

  28. love to see this discussion! It’s great to see you all working through the issues and also, it’s great to see recommendations for testing. In the end, it’s what your actual users do and prefer that should be your biggest driver in making these decisions.

    study abroad

  29. I think everyone should just mind their own. No one broke the law by lowering a flag to half staff. Mormons have their beliefs just as Muslims or Catholics have theirs. We don't tear down religions because of such minor things as a half staffed flag. This is a silly thing to argue about. Everyone has their own opinion and that's fine. Just don't pick on others when there is no way that YOU are perfect!

  30. How stupid is this topic...

  31. Wow, was that a stupid comment? Yes!

  32. This fellow rewrites history with his vitriolic pen. Mormons left Nauvoo in the dead of winter as the direct result of religious persecution by their Christian neighbours. Ask the hundreds of families that buried loved ones by the wayside in that and subsequent winters as they trekked across more than a thousand miles of hostile territory to live free and exercise their Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion that was denied to them by those to whom they did no injury.

    Mormons were robbed, dispossessed, stolen from, whipped, beaten, raped, and murdered.

    An this benighted fellow wants to moan about a flag at half staff!

    Hatred is alive and well, more shame on you, fellow! If you need any proof of this, read Rocky Hulse's posts. He is sarcastic, demeaning, belittling, and inaccurate. But then, his is a non-prophet organisation.

    Ronnie Bray

  33. I am not Mormon, nor am I Christian, but am a Buddhist, a religion older than either, and one so much more rational and accepting of the beliefs of others. As I see it, the difference between traditional Christian theology and LDS theology is about 2000 years. All the strange mythology of traditional Christianity has been legitimized by the passage of time; the strange mythology of Mormonism is marginalized by its relative recent origins. That all these religions are made up of the cloth of man does not make any one of them better or worse than another. They serve to give ignorant men hope and guidance and all project good and correct basic tenants. Let each man believe in what best serves his needs and do not labor under the illusion that any group or any man knows the ultimate truth, for it is unknowable to us mortals.

  34. Truth can be found in many religions, but the fullness of truth is found only in Jesus Christ. John 14:6 is one of the many I Am verses, which show that Jesus is the fullness of God to us. So Peter can say in Acts 4:12 that there is salvation in no one else.
    Christians cannot side step the fact that there is salavation in no one else but Jesus. We must deal with all the implications of this fact. The Buddha did not believe in God, or in any god. Today Buddhists often believe in many gods,as in polytheism. You understand the facts of this world very differently, than do Christians.


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