Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Mountain Meadows Massacre descendants tell the story of the tragedy as clips from the film illustrate their narrative.
The Secret:
The lure of a wealthy wagon train, the Mormon leadership's decision to kill the emigrants, and the 150-year cover-up.


  1. I think Church Historians
    agree, that if this massacre had been planned
    by Brigham Young and the highest officers in the
    Nauvoo Legion it would have looked much different, and a way would have been found
    to dispose of the
    Missouri Wildcats, who bragged about plugging some of the 40 bullets into Joseph Smith's body, brandishing the gun they'd done it with, bragging of rapes flogging
    and massacre and promising to return from California with one of the genocidal Militias extremely active there, there would have been no reason to kill any of the Fancher train. The Missouri Wildcats were only 6-8 men and there would have been no need for the rest of the emigrants even to have known that those close to
    Joseph Smith had killed them, or for the local, very frightened, leadership to have killed them for fear of a sensation in the California Papers that
    would have lead to renewed
    Genocide against their own

    I have always felt very sad that the massacre
    occurred, it was a consequence of lack of understanding on both sides. I hope that we will, over the coming years, learn to understand
    one another more fully.

    September Dawn will always be a poor vehicle
    for that understanding.

  2. I agree. It was a major misunderstanding and it's sad how everything panned out. While the Church can't go back and change what happened I know for a fact that it's something that we'll never live down.

  3. what is wrong with Mormons? don't you ever look into anything except what comes from the Mormon church spin machine. are beyond funny! the garbage you wrote sounded like it came out of an LDS manual.

  4. kathleen and david....
    You both write as if you have read nothing more than Mormon Church propaganda, how sad.
    There are lots of great books out there which tell the uncensored history of Mountain Meadows Massacre but the two of you seem to prefer to keep your head buried in Mormon sand.


Rocky and Helen Hulse

Rocky and Helen Hulse
Defending Christianity From Mormon Doctrine