Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Analogy of Mormon leaving their church

Steve Kimball Transitioning out of Mormonism is like a newly married couple. The wife loves the husband and is certain that he loves her.

One day he comes home and she can smell a strange perfume on his shirt. But since she has faith in him, she simply disregards it.

A few days later she notices lipstick on his collar and this time, (kind of jokingly), she asks him where the lipstick came from. His answer is somewhat stretched and convoluted but she has faith in him so she accepts what he says and tries to put it out of her mind.

As time goes on she comes across more glaring evidences that he is having an affair and each time the explanations he provides become more convoluted and less plausible. He also starts making implied threats that, if she continues this line of questioning, he will leave her.

Added to her worries is the fact that when she confides in family and friends about her concerns they all tell her that they "know" he is a good man and that she needs to have more faith in him. They also make it clear that they will side with him if things go bad. 'After all', they say,'Isn't he a good provider? Isn't he good for the children?'

So ask yourself, at what point does her "faith" in her husband stop being faith and start being denial (or simply acceptance of a bad situation and trying to make the best of it)? Is it when she sees him having dinner with a strange woman and does nothing? Or is it when she finally sees him in bed with another woman and still does nothing?

Mormons who are facing the painful truth about the church are just like that woman.
Joseph Smith founder of the Church of Jesus Christi of Latter-day Saints more commonly known as the Mormon Church.

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