Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mormonism and Victoria's Secret

Mormonism and Victoria's Secret by Staci Lee
I've just realized that Mormonism and Victoria's Secret are the same. Let me explain.

You get a Victoria's Secret magazine in the mail. The clothes they are selling look terrific. You want to look terrific. You buy something. It comes in the mail. The $45 you spent has turned into a piece a  fabric that weighs about an ounce. You try it on. You don't look anything like the model did, in the photo. You feel horrible that you don't look like you should. You start trying to work out more, eat less. You feel like a failure. It's your fault - you could look like that, but you just don't try hard enough.


For those who haven't caught it yet, I'll keep explaining.

Mormonism comes on bikes, unless you grew up with it. It also comes in syrupy commercials and terrific fast-and-testimony meeting stories. You want a forever family that is always smiling, happy to work together, and steadfastly and consistently on their way to heaven. You sign up. You start trying to be a Mormon. Pretty soon, you realize that the requirements are more than you can handle. Even though you had 10 kids and you work like a pioneer woman to keep the homestead going, you keep  falling short of the expectations - genealogy for your dead relatives, FHE every week, an enlightening message for your visiting teaching rounds.

And it's your fault. If only you would just try harder, you'd have had kids who you didn't have to force to go to church. If only you were more righteous, your husband would be the bishop instead of the ward clerk. And the "image" continues to torment you, day in and day out, as you work your butt off to be perfect, and just never make it.

There's hope my friend, if the above is you. First of all, I suggest that you send the magazine back to Victoria's Secret, marked "Return to Sender". You don't need their air-brushed images, their celery-eating, make-up covered ideas in your head. You are a real person, who lives in the real world, and their idea of "sexiness" is shallow and empty, and is not helping you.

Don't go buy a treadmill, don't start eating nothing but celery. Instead, get in touch with why you wanted to buy the lingerie in the first place. Are you having marital troubles? Are you insecure? There are better answers to your problems. Real answers.

No, this note is not really about Victoria's secret, or your sexiness.

This note is about Mormonism's "product". Here is the truth my friends. Mormonism's product will do nothing but leave you unsatisfied. The LDS religion works hard to show themselves the model church. But the helpfulness, the truth that they offer for all your money and trust, is about 1 oz of flimsy fabric.

You can't be perfect. So take Jesus up on His offer. Cover yourself with His Righteousness, and be perfected in Him. He is the only solution to all of your problems. Go to Him as you are, and become beautiful in God's eyes because Jesus has already paid all the debt you owe, and is standing to represent you - perfectly.

You'll find Him in the Bible. Need some starter help? I, for one, would be terrifically glad to help you get started.

With love...

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