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Was Jesus the literal offspring of God or not according to the LDS Church?

Home Evening Lesson 27...“Whom Say Ye That I Am?”
This home evening is to help you and your children understand that Jesus is God’s Only Begotten Son and to seek this knowledge through prayer. In What Way is Jesus God’s Only Son?

Read or tell the following story. JENNY’S QUESTION

The Markham family had been to Sunday School and was driving home. Brother Markham asked each of his four children what they had learned that day. Each of the children related a story of a teaching that he had learned. When Jenny was asked what she had learned, she replied, “Daddy, I’m confused. The teacher talked about Jesus’ being God’s only son. I thought all of us were God’s children.

Ask, Have you ever wondered about this question? How would you answer Jenny? Discuss this with the family, letting each have a chance to express himself. Now read to the family how a modern prophet answered Jenny’s question.

A MODERN PROPHET’S ANSWER …I want the little folks to hear what I am going to tell you. I am going to tell you a
simple truth, yet it is one of the greatest truths and one of the most simple facts ever revealed to the children of men.

You all know that your fathers are indeed your fathers and that your mothers are indeed your mothers—you all know that don’t you? You cannot deny it. Now, we are told in scriptures that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God in the flesh. Well, now for the benefit of the older ones, how are children begotten? I answer just as Jesus Christ was begotten of his father. The difference between Jesus Christ and other men is this: Our fathers in the flesh are mortal men, who are subject unto death: but the Father of Jesus Christ in the flesh is the God of Heaven. Therefore Jesus, as he declared, received the power of life from his Father and was never subject unto death but had life in himself as his father had life in himself. Because of this power he overcame death and the grave and became master of the resurrection and the means of salvation to us all.

We must come down to the simple fact that God Almighty was the Father of His Son Jesus Christ. Mary, the virgin girl, who had never known mortal man, was his mother. God by her begot his son Jesus Christ, and he was born into the world with power and intelligence like that of His Father….Now, my little friends, I will repeat again in words as simple as I can, and you talk to your parents about it, that God, the Eternal Father, is literally the father of Jesus Christ. (Joseph F. Smith, Box Elder Stake Conference Dec. 20, 1914 as quoted in Brigham City Box Elder News, 28 Jan. 1915, pp.1-2.)

An Illustration and Discussion to Help
Further Answer Jenny’s Question:

At this point, discuss in your own words how Jesus was the only begotten Son of God. You might do this by using the following illustration on a chalkboard or piece of paper. Drawing from page 126

All boys and girls have a mother and father on earth. Your mother and father, of course, are
mother and I. Jesus is the only person ever born on this earth that is different. Jesus had a mother on earth. What was her name? (Mary.) But who was his real father? (Heavenly Father.) So you see, Jesus is the only person who had our Heavenly Father as the father of his body.

Family Home Evening
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  1. Don't you have anything better to do than attack members of the Church.

    Is it any wonder you have so many problems from members of our church.

  2. This post is an exact, accurate, letter for letter, quote from the Mormon "Family Home Evening" manual, printed by the "First Presidency" of the Mormon Church which is the "Prophet and his two counselors." So, how can this be termed an attack? If it was misquoted, perhaps; however, it is not. If you, Anonymous, think this is an attack, your attacker is the "First Presidency." They are the ones who approved and published this grossly un-Christian doctrinal position, including the illustration that leaves no doubt that they are illustrating a sexual union between God and Mary to create Jesus, just as between Daddy and Mommy creates You.

  3. "Anonymous said...
    Don't you have anything better to do than attack members of the Church."

    Didn't Bruce McConkie, or Joseph Smith, or any number of Mormons have anything better to do than attack Christians?

    But as Rocky said, if you think this is "attacking" you, then the attack comes from within your own ranks!

  4. All this man does is attack mormon's, the Church is better without him.

  5. So when Mormons knock on my door, is that an attack? When Smith, or a Mormon authority wrote against Christians, was that an attack? When a work is shown from your own church which contradicts the Bible, is that an attack, or pointing out falsehood?

    An example: Two men go to court. One uses the other mans words against him - does the other then say "Stop attacking me!" No, because they are his own words.

    If someone presents to you your own church's writings and asks you to consider them in light of Scripture, how is that an attack? It seems like something that should be welcomed - if your position is so secure! I welcome anyone bringing evidence against Christianity and for it to be examined - it just strengthens my faith and shows how weak the reasons for not believing truly are. It is not an attack - an attack is when someone comes and beats you up or abuses you with no good reason, or without discussion in mind.

    It seems to me that you want to stifle discussion, or not to even think through that Mormonism might for one moment be wrong, by hiding behind the "victim" screen. Truly, from your church's works, I as a normal, orthodox-historical Christian have more reason to claim victim status than you, but I don't.

  6. Good points John. How about this one, I got this from a Mormon Page:

    "Somebody mentioned earlier today that SECTARIAN CHRISTIANS are playing the same role the PHARISEES did during the ministry of Jesus and the apostles. Here's an article I wrote that shows the COMPARISONS in detail." Interesting!

    So, Christians are Pharisees? This guy started a web site against "anti-mormons" who in his book is EVERYBODY. He also screams the loudest about how he never attacks anyone, as in this comment:

    "Meanwhile, as we go forth preaching a positive gospel message, NOT CONTENDING AGAINST ANY CHURCH, hundreds of thousands of people respond positively to that message."

    I have no objections to anyone contending against me for the faith, but don't try to stifle me with an 'attack' label, or an 'anti-mormon' label with all the bad connotations. _johnny

  7. Especially when you are doing it yourself.

  8. John, Grindael, Rocky.

    You do attack Mormons.

    Rocky is it true your parents are still mormons, they must be so proud of there son?

  9. I pray that God have mercy on your soul for the hatred that fills it, anonymous.

  10. Psalm 74:18 and 22 Remember this, that the enemy hath reproached, O LORD, and that the foolish people have blasphemed thy name. Arise, O God, plead thine own cause: remember how the foolish man reproacheth thee daily.


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