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The Short Notice, Big Move!

Rocky and Helen Hulse
     On June 30th I worked my last day at Vista Ridge High School in Cedar Park, Texas, where I’d taught Navy Junior ROTC for the last five years. I had a disagreement with the Human Relations (HR) Department. They admitted I was right, but they weren’t required by law to fix it, so they weren’t going to.
     So, I looked around and found an opening in Corpus Christi, Texas. The time window was very narrow, and on very short notice, I was offered the position. We had about one month to prepare, with me being gone at summer camp two of those four weeks.
     As some of you know, Helen’s mom has Alzheimer’s disease and we take care of her. Making a move with someone who has Alzheimer’s is very difficult. New, unfamiliar surroundings can be totally confusing and difficult to deal with. We feared the worst, but the Lord was faithful to our prayers and the move went much better than we expected. Helen’s mom has settled in and is doing quite well.
    So, the 10th of July we moved to Corpus Christi and I started my new job on July 24th.

Crash Goes the Computer

     Moving is never fun, and neither was this one; however, it went as smooth as I could have expected. The one true disaster was the ministry laptop that Helen uses to write receipts and where she tracks donations; it crashed. Neither of us are computer experts, so we were at a loss as to what to do.
     As part of my work, I was offered a coaching course for Cyber Patriot, a team competition in computer defense that my JROTC cadets compete in. The course was given at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi Campus. The professor is exceptionally talented in all things computer, and when I told him the computer had crashed, he offered to “take a look at it.” He found the problem and took care of it “no charge” since it was a ministry computer – The Lord is good!

Moving Brings Extra Ministry Opportunities

    Of course when you move there are those required necessities: new phone hook-up, Internet, TV, water and gas. Each of those“utilities” brings people to the house to do the connections. Just friendly questions about where did you move from and what do you do leads to witnessing opportunities.
     The two fellas that hooked up the TV were both interested in our ministry and our testimony. John’s dad was a pastor and Nathan’s dad was very much into politics and was interested in the Mitt Romney Mormon connection. We had two different perspectives with which to entertain and they had loads of questions. Both of them wanted copies of my book “When Salt Lake City Calls.” We were happy to accommodate them.
     Helen went around and around with AT&T about the phone and Internet hookup. In the myriad of phone calls made to AT&T about the many installation problems, Helen had the opportunity to witness to many “problem specialists” when questions were asked about where we came from and why we were here and the needs we have in order to support the ministry. Multiple technicians came to the house to find out why the Internet wasn’t working right. When told we run a ministry, they naturally asked, “What kind of ministry are you in.” That question just opens the doors to lots of discussion.
     One of the technicians was African-American. Boy was he interested in the teachings of the Mormon Church on the origins of anyone who isn’t “white and delightsome” as the Book of Mormon describes those who were chosen of God! Mormon doctrines state that God cursed those of the African race with a black skin due to their actions in the“Pre-Existence.”  In fact,according to Mormon teachings, any race with any kind of skin color were cursed with their skin color due to their performance and lack of absolute support of Jesus against Lucifer in the great war in heaven.
     Mormonism teaches that our skin color and placement within a family here on earth were a direct reflection of our faithfulness in the “Pre-Existence.” I was specifically taught that because I was born white, and born into a Mormon family here on earth, I was a great warrior in the “Pre-Existence” and fought right along Jesus in His battle against Lucifer.
     Many of our installation and technician visitors were desirous of reading my book “When Salt Lake City Calls” after hearing our testimony and learning about our ministry.
     Also, many more witnessing opportunities are now surfacing as we search for new primary care, eye, and skin doctors. Those “new patient” phone calls always lead to “where did you come from and what do you do.” Answering those questions brings up the ministry and the inevitable questions that follow.
     Move or no move, Helen is constantly updating our blog and Facebook page with new articles and she is active in the many discussions about various topics of Mormonism. One would think in the age of information that we live in today, that any Mormon could easily do their search and find out the false history and teachings of Mormonism; but it’s just not so. Websites like ours, where accurate, factual information about Mormonism can be found, are soooooo important to those Mormons who are asking questions and seeking truth.

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Rocky and Helen Hulse

Rocky and Helen Hulse
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