Monday, July 23, 2007

The First Vision - Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith

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Prophecies and Revelations - Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith

Was Joesph Smith man a true prophet? What does the Word of God say about false prophets in Deuteronomy 18:20-22. Joseph fails the test!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nauvoo Pageant 2007...Just Who is Jane Manning?

Joseph Smith’s faithful it possible that what you see in the Nauvoo pageant here this summer is not just what it appears?

Joseph Smith, Afterlife Slaveowner...Could this be true?

There is a whole sad story out there about Jane Elizabeth Manning James, a devout Mormon woman of color denied the “blessings” of the religion she was loyal to, but just what is it?

If you have come to Nauvoo and watched the Nauvoo pageant have you wondered why Jane walked to Nauvoo? It was because white Mormons would not allow her to ride with them or assist her in paying for passage. And once she arrived in Nauvoo the Beautiful, that “Zion on the Mississippi,” she was either rebuffed or ignored by her fellow Saints, until finally someone pointed out Joseph Smith’s home to her. Once she finally did meet Smith, he made Jane his house servant, and when Smith was murdered in 1844, Brigham Young then took in Jane James as his servant as well. Despite her faithful service to the church and its wealthy presidents, she lived most of her life in abject poverty. She arrived in the new Zion of Utah among the first of the Saints in September 1847, the first free black woman in the territory, only to find that slavery was already being practiced there. Mormon Apostle Charles C. Rich owned slaves in Utah, which must have been a great trial of her faith. The only Western State or Territory to practice slavery was Utah.

She wished to be “sealed” to her loved ones for all eternity just like the white-skinned members of the congregation were allowed to be. For all of her sacrifice, the highest eternal blessing the Mormon church could offer Joseph Smith’s former house servant was to “seal” her to Joseph Smith as his servant forever.

“The words recited at this ceremony were that she was “to be attached as a Servitor for eternity to the prophet Joseph Smith and in this capacity be connected with his family and be obedient to him in all things in the Lord as a faithful Servitor.” In essence, an eternal slave, bound to service a white master for eternity.”

“On April 1, 2005, members of the Genesis Group, along with members of the Missouri Mormon Frontier Foundation (MMFF) and others, joined together in the Salt Lake Cemetery (where Jane was laid to rest in 1908) to honor this faithful pioneer sister and to dedicate the Jane Manning James monument”.

“In the dedicatory prayer, Elder Morrison said, ‘Jane wore out her life in patient humble service to others. May this be a sacred place–a place of peace and contentment, a place where generations may come to contemplate the goodness of a humble, faithful, compassionate soul.’”

Eternal servitude… just the ticket for one who “wore out her life”.

For anyone who might watch this pageant, do some research on just what is being put forth...there is more to the story than what is on stage. Racism promoted and advocated by God's direct oracles on earth - Mormon Prophets and Apostles. Jane's story really is sad and is a despicable display of racism.

Utah Mormons Come to Nauvoo...But Why?

Mormons come to Nauvoo...Read here a few things and learn what Mormons think of Nauvoo and the locals who live here on their blogs?
June 21st, 2007
These are not my words they were posted on a blog by a Mormon…

“As a Mormon “Mecca”, visiting Nauvoo and Carthage is a must. The spirit there and what the early Mormon’s had to endure there is quite moving…One afternoon in the humidity was enough for me and never mind the bugs!

The church owned sites were great. The missionaries that worked the exhibits were very knownledgable and friendly. The shows were top notch and the meet/great afterward left my 4 year old “star struck.” If only we had more time…

The side of Nauvoo owned by the Community of Christ - formerly the Reorganized Church of Latter-Day Saints - formerly part of the offical Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was a bit odd. The settings were ok and well taken care of. However, to visit the visitor’s center and some of the sites, cost money and viewing of their church commerical which would be ok (they need to pay for the upkeep some how) but what you learn about them is disconcerting given the fact that they control most of the Joseph Smith family sites and consider him to be their founder. The religion isn’t even a shell of what it once was when he headed it. And it makes me wonder if it made the changes because it merely wanted to be accepted? It’s a bit confusing, especially since they still regard the Book of Mormon as scripture yet contradict it’s teachings. It left me a sad feeling for them as it seems they undid what Joseph did and that for their sake, he died in vain.”

I would ask the Mormon who wrote the above one statements…Where in the Book of Mormon is there one doctrine for anything that goes on inside that Nauvoo Mormon temple. You will not find anything that happens in a Mormon temple in the Book of Mormon.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Do Mormons Believe They Will Become Gods?...LDS Leaders Speak!

Apostle Marion D. Hanks, 1968

The "conditioned-reflex" version of the behaviorist cannot inspire the mystery and awe and wonder which are the glory of man. To know, instead, that every individual is an eternal person, a potential god or goddess, capable of deep love and graciousness and mercy, more than human, is to prepare us to live with courage and a sense of responsibility, to inspire self-reliance, self- respect, and genuine respect for others.
(Conference Report, October 1968, p.117)

President Lorenzo Snow, 1901

Sunday, 29 September 1901
Salt Lake City. Clear and cool. 10 a.m. Fast meeting at the temple, Pres. Lorenzo Snow presiding. In his remarks Pres. Snow said in part: I know the destiny of the Latter-day Saints. I know my destiny, providing I keep in the path the Lord has marked out. I know what you—brethren and sisters—can reach. We are all the children of God—all that live upon the earth. God loves us all. When Jesus died, he died for the whole human family. He died that we might become Gods and Goddesses in eternity. Latter-day Saints are tried, have their troubles and disappointments. We cannot obtain a fullness of joy in this world. It was not intended that we should. Some will secure a fullness of glory hereafter, and others will receive it in part. There are three glories and other conditions that are not so glorious, and the Lord will bring his children into those conditions. As to the Latter-day Saints, the Lord designs that they shall receive a fullness of Celestial glory, and they are destined to become Gods in eternity. Jesus was God before he came into the world and he was God after he came, while a babe in Bethlehem, but he did not know it.
(Diaries of [Apostle] Rudger Clawson, Edited by Stan Larson, p.318)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Occult - Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith

Just think here in Nauvoo the Mormon pageant just began on July the 6th and runs until August 3rd. This is the third year of a "Tribute to Joseph" makes one wonder why this information isn't in the pageant? Just thinking out loud!

Mormons Nothing to Hide in Nauvoo

Ask yourself this question...If they (the Mormon Church) has nothing to hide then why can so few Mormons go inside and no non-Mormons?

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Brent Belnap, Mormon Stake President, Lying To The World!!

The Mormon pageant "Tribute to Joseph Smith" just started last night here in Nauvoo, IL ~ July 6th and runs through August 3rd. The former pageant was know as the "City of Joseph" and this new pageant just continues the half truths and down right lies, we watch that are coming out of this mans own mouth. This pageant now in its third year is drawing those to the "Church" (mormon) and not the Jesus Christ spoken of in the Bible...In Mormonism Jesus Christ is just a god, not God. Mormonism has another Jesus!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Nauvoo Betterment Group ~ Mayor McCarty Speaks His Mind Again?

"Mayor McCarty responds...
Unfortunately for Nauvoo, we were eliminated from the Western Region choices for a chance to be one of the Seven Wonders of Illinois...What is it going to take to make some people realize that the opportunities are here and we need to embrace them instead of worrying about who will benefit? The truth is: only those who want to benefit truly will. The reason Historic Nauvoo is a destination now is because a group of people have put out the effort and funding to see it through. If we want all the areas to benefit, then I suggest people need to put up or shut up!"
John McCarty,
Mayor, City of Nauvoo

On Wednesday June 20, 2007 the Mayor's Roundtable was replaced with a Betterment Group and was open to all. Everyone was ask to put on their thinking caps, invite your friends, neighbors and come to discuss how to improve Nauvoo. However, when Mayor McCarty didn't like the statement made by my husband Rocky: Mayor John McCarty had this to say in his outburst..."If the locals don't like new development and improvements they can, sell their houses for a lot of money and move the hell out!"

Mormon Racism: Part One

Blacks are now allowed to hold the priesthood but has the Mormon Church removed this curse? No! The Mormon Church is not being honest to African Amercians or those with a black skin. They should be ashamed for being so dishonest!

Exposing Mormonism

"And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

Rocky and Helen Hulse

Rocky and Helen Hulse
Defending Christianity From Mormon Doctrine