Friday, November 16, 2007


Where is your shame Utah? Where is you shame Mormon Brethren?

Fancher Wagon Train and Family Flag Bearers

Mountain Meadows Massacre Amercia's First 9/11 1857...
We will never forget...never!
Contact the Mormon Church and demand they let this gravesite go now, let your voices be heard for those that cannot cry out for themselves!
The Mormon priesthood leaders murdered these people and the Mormon Church has no right to own their graves.
The Mormon Church can do the right thing today, release this gravesite to Federal Stewardship!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mountain Meadows - Descendants Have No Funerary Rights

Rocky Hulse interviews Mountain Meadows Monument Foundation Members in 2007 on "Truth Outreach" International Television program regarding Stewardship at the Mountain Meadows Massacre site. In this interview Rocky focuses on Scott Fancher's version of descendants rights at the Mountain Meadows Burial Site. The show was taped on August 7, 2007 in Quincy, Illinois

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nauvoo Expositor

Want to learn more? Get a copy and read it for yourself. Find out the truth about Joseph Smith and the "Nauvoo Expositor. Ask yourself why Joseph was taken to the Carthage Jail in June 1844? It wasn't false charges as the Mormon Church likes to promote. In the U.S. you cannot destroy a newspaper just because you don't like it and get away with it - even if you are the Mayor. There's this little legal idea known as freedom of the press.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

September Dawn Interview with Screenwriter Carole Whang Schutter

Click link to view video: - September Dawn Interview with Screenwriter
"September Dawn Interview with Screenwriter
Movie clips of the movie September Dawn are immersed throughout this interview with screenwriter Carole Whang Schutter with Linda Evans Shepherd at Denver Celebration. Shocking truths about Mormonism as well as the secrets behind the Mountain Meadows Massacre which took place September 11, 1857. This movie was banned from many theaters. See what the Mormon church doesn't want you to see.

One should ask themselves why is the Mormon church so afraid of the movie September Dawn? Why have they worked so hard for the past 150 years to keep this dark piece of their history hidden? Why will they not admit that Mormon Priesthood leaders and Mormon Doctrine lead to the murders of the 120 unarmed men, women and children over the age of seven?

Rocky and Helen Hulse

Rocky and Helen Hulse
Defending Christianity From Mormon Doctrine