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'Ordain Women' protest their exclusion from the Mormon Priesthood

By: Rocky Hulse                                                                                              March 2014

“Ordain Women” protest their exclusion from the Mormon Priesthood

     A female Mormon activist organization calling itself “Ordain Women” is creating a stir surrounding the April 2014 184th Mormon Church’s General Conference. They made the news on March 6, 2014 when they tried to get tickets to the Priesthood Session of the Mormon General Conference. They were denied as only males 12 years and older may attend this meeting.
     On the “Ordain Women” website, they have posted the following statement:

“Ordain Women aspires to create a space for Mormons to articulate issues of gender inequality they may be hesitant to raise alone. As a group we intend to put ourselves in the public eye and call attention to the need for the ordination of Mormon women to the priesthood.”

     Often I find when discussing Mormonism with Mormons, that they don’t know their own teachings. These women are way out in left field with their desire to hold the “Mormon Priesthood.” These women either do not know, or choose to ignore, the Mormon teachings concerning the role of women in the Mormon Church.

Mormon Doctrine on women is complicated!

     The Mormon Doctrine concerning women is woven through many controversial doctrines that are contrary to universal Biblical Christian Doctrine. I’ll have to take this in several steps in order to make sense of it for you. In short, Mormonism teaches that everyone was born in a pre-existent world to exalted God parents; we then came to earth to get a mortal body and prove ourselves worthy so that in the resurrection we will be exalted and can then continue our progression after death to eventually become Deity ourselves and eventually men who become gods will create their own earths and populate them through their goddess wives bringing forth celestial spirit offspring.


     Mormonism teaches that all human beings were first born as spirits into a pre-mortal existence: The Spirit World. They were born to God, an exalted man of flesh and bones, and one of his wives, an exalted Goddess woman.

“Pre-existence is the term commonly used to describe the pre-mortal existence of the spirit children of God the Father. Speaking of this prior existence in a spirit sphere, the First Presidency of the Church (Joseph F. Smith, John R. Winder, and Anthon H. Lund) said: ‘All men and women are in the similitude of the universal Father and Mother, and are literally the sons and daughters of Deity’; as spirits they were the ‘offspring of celestial parentage.’ (Man: His Origin and Destiny, pp. 351, 355.) These spirit beings, the offspring of exalted parents, were men and women, appearing in all respects as mortal persons do, excepting only that their spirit bodies were made of a more pure and refined substance than the elements from which mortal bodies are made.” (Mormon Doctrine, p. 589)


     “We had an existence before we came to this world. We lived in the spirit, and were in the presence of our Father in heaven, who is the Father of the spirits of all men; and there we walked by sight, for we were in his presence.
     It was necessary, in order that we might receive a fulness of blessings and opportunities and become like unto our Father, for us to pass through this mortal probation. Hence, this earth was prepared; and we were sent down here to receive bodies of flesh and bones and to be quickened by blood; and to partake of all the vicissitudes of life as we find them here on this earth, that we might, through obedience to the principles of the gospel, know good from evil….
   We are subject to temptation; but the Lord never intended that we should yield to it and thus become subject unto sin, and fall and lose the reward that otherwise would be ours. He knew that on no other terms, only through our free agency and the opportunities which would come to us in this life by knowing good from evil when we no longer walk by sight but by faith, would we be able to come back into his presence and be worthy of exaltation.” (Doctrines of Salvation , Vol. 2, pps. 1-2).


     “As used in the scriptures, eternal life is the name given to the kind of life our Eternal Father lives. The word eternal, as used in the name eternal life, is a noun and not an adjective. It is one of the formal names of Deity (Moses 1:3; 7:35; D. & C. 19:11) and has been chosen by him as the particular name to identify the kind of life he lives. He being God, the life he lives is God’s life; and his name (in the noun sense) being Eternal, the kind of life he lives is eternal life. Thus: God’s life is eternal life; eternal life is God’s life—the expressions are synonymous.
     Accordingly, eternal life is not a name that has reference only to the unending duration of a future life; immortality is to live forever in the resurrected state, and by the grace of God all men will gain this unending continuance of life. But only those who obey the fulness of the gospel law will inherit eternal life. (D. & C. 29:43-44.) It is ‘the greatest of all the gifts of God’ (D. & C. 14:7), for it is the kind, status, type, and quality of life that God himself enjoys. Thus those who gain eternal life receive exaltation; they are the sons of God, joint heirs with Christ, members of the Church of the Firstborn; they overcome all things, have all power, and receive the fulness of the Father. They are gods.” (Mormon Doctrine, p. 237.)


     “Endowed with agency and subject to eternal laws, man began his progression and advancement in pre-existence, his ultimate goal being to attain a state of glory, honor, and exaltation like the Father of spirits. During his earth life he gains a mortal body, receives experience in earthly things, and prepares for a future eternity after the resurrection when he will continue to gain knowledge and intelligence. (D. & C. 130:18-19.) This gradually unfolding course of advancement and experience—a course that began in a past eternity and will continue in ages future—is frequently referred to as a course of eternal progression.” (Mormon Doctrine, p 238.)


     “Those who gain eternal life (exaltation) also gain eternal lives, meaning that in the resurrection they have eternal ‘increase,’ ‘a continuation of the seeds,’ a ‘continuation of the lives.’ Their spirit progeny will ‘continue as innumerable as the stars; or, if ye were to count the sand upon the seashore ye could not number them.’ (D. & C. 131:1-4; 132:19-25; 30, 55.)
     ‘Except a man and his wife enter into an everlasting covenant and be married for eternity, while in this probation, by the power and authority of the holy priesthood,’ the Prophet says, ‘they will cease to increase when they die; that is, they will not have any children after the resurrection.’ Then with reference to those who have been properly sealed in marriage and who have thereafter endured in righteousness until their callings and elections were made sure by the revelation he adds: ‘But those who are married by the power and authority of the priesthood in this life, and continue without committing the sin against the Holy Ghost, [their callings and elections having been made sure through perfect devotion to the truth, they] will continue to increase and have children in the celestial glory.’ (Teachings, pp. 300-301.)” (Mormon Doctrine, p. 238.)

     “Those who attain to the exaltation in the celestial kingdom shall have the power of eternal increase of posterity, and they shall be ‘above all, because all things are subject unto them.’ Children born to parents who have obtained, through their faithfulness, the fulness of these blessings, shall be spirit children not clothed upon with tabernacles of flesh and bones. These children will be like we were before we came into this world. We are taught in the scriptures that we are the offspring of God in the spirit, Jesus Christ being the Firstborn Son of our Eternal Father in that spirit world.” (Doctrines of Salvation, Vol 2, pp. 68-69)


     “Priesthood is divine authority which is conferred upon men that they may officiate in the ordinances of the gospel. In other words, priesthood is a part of God’s own power, which he bestows upon his chosen servants that they may act in his name in proclaiming the gospel and officiating in all the ordinances thereof. All such official acts performed by these duly authorized servants are recognized by the Author of our salvation.
     Man cannot act legally in the name of the Lord unless he is vested with the priesthood, which is divine authority.”

(Doctrines of Salvation, Vol 3, p. 80.)

     “As pertaining to eternity, priesthood is the eternal power and authority of Deity by which all things exist; by which they are created, governed, and controlled; by which the universe and worlds without number have come rolling into existence; by which the great plan of creation, redemption, and exaltation operates throughout immensity, it is the power of God.” (Mormon Doctrine, p. 584.)


     “Women do not have the priesthood conferred upon them and are not ordained to offices therein, but they are entitled to all priesthood blessings. Those women who go on to their exaltation, ruling and reigning with husbands who are kings and priests, will themselves be queens and priestesses.” (Mormon Doctrine, p. 594.)


      “This earth was not the first of the Lord’s creations. An infinite number of worlds have come rolling into existence at his command. Each is an earth; many are inhabited with his spirit children; each abides  the particular law given to it; and each will play its part in the redemption, salvation, and exaltation of that infinite host of the children of an Almighty God. The Lord has said that his work and glory is to bring to pass immortality and eternal life for his children on all the inhabited worlds he has created….” (Mormon Doctrine, p. 169.)


     Mormon Doctrine will never allow women to hold the priesthood. Why? It is the goal of every Mormon male to achieve Godhood and then create his universes, through his priesthood power, each with its own earth, and then populate those earths with his harem of polygamous wives.

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